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Capturing and storing the beauty of our planet into the Ethereum blockchain for eternity.  
Satellite-powered and handled by Sidus Space.

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Fair Tokenomics

To create a truly decentralized community we must have our focus towards the community, providing the most fair tokenomics with no transaction tax and a secured allocation of tokens for the project's development.


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What is mission helios?

Mission Helios is a decentralized space community where blockchain meets space.


Our goal is to create a bridge between society, space research, and exploration in a full-scale ecosystem of applications, educational initiatives, and space-related projects that are centered around blockchain technology. 

In order to achieve our vision, we are launching the first ever blockchain-based satellite imagery system, which will encode images of the Earth into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can be bought, sold, and traded.  


making this mission a reality

Professor Decentra


Alfonso Ballon

Chief Executive Officer


Project Director

christian suarez

Digital Marketing Expert

Dev space team

Web Development & Branding


Here are the most common questions we get

When is the satellite launching?

We are aiming towards Q4 2022, Exact dates are yet to be announced due to the complexity of these missions.

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For how long does the satellite orbit the earth?

The lifespan of the Lizzie-Sat is expected to be from 12 to 18 months around earth.

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